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Reasons You Should Consider Dehydrating Your Food

One of the oldest modes of preserving food is dehydrating it. The old approaches of dehydrating food included fire and the sun’s heat. Nowadays, there are more advanced ways of dehydrating food like placing it over low heat to reduce its moisture by three to five percent. Other foods like dairy products can be rehydrated or reconstituted afterward. Dehydrated foods are more healthy, cost-effective, practical and safe compared to canned foods. Discussed in this article are some of the merits of Dehydrated Foodz for preservation purposes.

First, it is cost-effective. There are different means of drying food such as the oven, sun or a dehydrator. Dehydrators are the most economical means to dry food. Dehydrators dry food by pacing it on racks and blowing warm air over it to reduce the moisture levels. Good dehydrators are meant to maintain a constant flow of air and temperature meaning little energy is wasted. It is cost-effective to purchase foods when they are in season and dry them for later use when they are out of season and scarce. There is no need to refrigerate dried foods meaning you save more on energy.

One downside of cooking and canning food is the loss of minerals and vitamins. Since there is no cooking involved in drying foods at, most of the minerals and vitamins are retained making it the ideal option for food preservation. Comparing ten grapes and ten raisings, they all have the same caloric value. Dried fruits are rich in fiber and potassium, which regulates cholesterol and blood pressure. After the dehydrating process, some fruits and vegetables contain more polyphenols and lycopene. You get the recommended serving of fruits every day by putting dried fruits in your cereal or yogurt.

Dried foods are not exposed to food poisoning or any other types of contamination like canned foods. You do not have to worry about dried foods becoming rancid or getting mold on the shelf after a long period of preservation. When dried foods are stored in the right temperature, they can last up to a year and still be fit for human consumption. The prolonged shelf life of dried foods makes it suitable for emergency cases. You can rely on dehydrated foods when there is a power outage or when stranded. Be sure to watch this video at for more info about beef.

Dried foods are more practical than canned foods. Dehydrated foods are compact compared to other foods as a result of the dehydrating process which makes it reduce in both volume and weight. That means you are able to store more dried foodstuffs in fewer containers.

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